The story of Studio Grundahl

Aalborg has had an international-class fashion store for 32 years. First as a pure Ivan Grundahl store but has over the last 9 years transformed into a multi-brand store with a focus on especially Nordic and Asian brands. The style is graphic and architectural, preferably in monochrome colors. The oversize look is our passion, especially as the Asians play with lots of fabric layer upon layer or in sculptural forms. Or the boyish uniform-like expression where the traditional shapes and cuts are challenged.

The look and clothes in the store are "slow fashion" in the sense we are not characterized by the traditional fashion scene but more is a stationary fashion universe where there may be fashion colors but the style and signal value remain the same. The clothes here are a strong expression and are worn by women who have come to terms with their own style and who are not reflected in the fashion magazines and therefore also have a tendency to stand out from the crowd.

We believe that sustainability can come in many forms and slowfashion is one of them, in order to bring the use-and-throw-away culture to life, it is extremely important that you find your own style, and thereby expand your wardrobe quietly and calm, thereby avoiding a lot of impulse buying because "mature" dictates it.

We are a look you either LOVE or HATE - AND WE LOVE IT!