Finnish MARIMEKKO is known and loved around the world for their printed fabrics. The best known is probably the flower UNIKKO which is found printed on a sea of ​​different textiles from home interiors to clothing. Several of their prints are still produced in Finland and their development does not stop. In 2006, they launched a number of stores in Japan and have since taken over the rest of Asia. Their way of using colors in a graphic and minimalist form is very much in line with the Asians' view of Nordic architecture, which they value highly.
MARIMEKKO's choice of material and fit are always of the highest class and it is a real pleasure to be invited inside their universe.
Marimekko Myy Unikko Skirt
2.000,00 kr 1.400,00 kr
Marimekko Rinnekedolla Shoes
1.750,00 kr 900,00 kr