<transcy>RUNDHOLZ - DIP</transcy>

RUNDHOLZ DIP is the chemistry room in the fashion house, where people really experiment with fabrics and dyes, often the clothes can be completely stiff from washed-in lime or have a black-wash. It's really a brand where you can always count on them taking it all the way to the edge.
We often refer to the brand as
"the outraged little sister"
Studio Rundholz has been around since 1993 and is run by the couple Carsten and Lenka Rundholz.
Both are the designers behind the brand, Lenka with a past in the fashion industry as… .. and Carsten with a degree in graphic design.
Their vision of creating a lifestyle brand where business meets everyday has especially found creative people searching for something out of the ordinary and far from the polished surface of the fashion world.
Their experimental play with materials repeatedly surprises buyers and customers worldwide. And thus creates silhouettes and patterns you never thought existed.
Studio Rundholz houses 3 brands: