Ivan Grundahl

One of the few Danish fashion houses left. Existed since 1973 and was run for over 40 years by Ivan Grundahl himself as head designer and director. The style is Nordic avant-garde, the rebellious imperfect meets feminine silhouettes, raw edges and draping in delicious wool - cotton - linen materials have been a hallmark since the beginning. The brand has always had an architectural expression that is best expressed in black and white, so a wardrobe with a lot of Ivan Grundahl is often "designer black"
Ivan Grundahl's inspiration for the design came from his fascination with the great Japanese designers such as Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo, where he, like them, had a continuity to a look no matter what fashion dictated. Precisely for this reason, the brand is loved by women all over the world, because once you have seen yourself in one of his creations and what they do to the female body and soul, you feel a power that few other brands are hurting.
Ivan Grundahl unfortunately died in 2016 but the fashion house continued with the designer's son Oliver Grundahl at the helm and with first Roy Krejberg as designer but from spring 2019 with Nicolas Nybro as head designer. The style is still architectural with a touch of militairy and materials and colors remain unchanged - natural and monochrome.
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