Ivan Grundahl

Ivan Grundahl is known for his distinctive and architectural expression. The Danish fashion icon has been a regular feature on the international fashion scene for several decades. At Studio Grundahl, we carry a wide selection from all collections.

Carsten and Lenka Rundholz, are the designers behind the three Studio Rundholz collections: Rundholz, Rundholz DIP and Black Label. Rundholz collections are stylish and innovative with inspiring choices of fabrics of the highest quality.

Henrik Vibskov

Henrik Vibskov is associated with not just a clothing brand, but a wealth of unusual universes, created in relation to each collection.

The Japanese brand Moyuru is characterized by a simple and dynamic style, which is both relaxed and in incredibly high quality.
The design is centered around 3 words Earth, wind and freedom.

Épice was created by the Danish designers Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer and their work is based first and foremost on intense creative research of woven textiles, followed by colors and graphics. The color palette in Epicé is closely linked to Denmark, where colors vibrate differently than in other latitudes due to the low sky and long, dark winters. The play of colors in Epicé generates light which is a source of energy and aesthetics.

Leon Louis

Since the start in 2010, the Leon Louis universe has worked with a small team who make the uniforms inspired collections, which both seem understated but also burst with fantastic details, whether it is a raw edge or the material itself there is always something unique and inspiring about the collections.

The Last Conspiracy

A Danish shoe brand focusing on quality and good craftsmanship. Every single pair is handmade with the idea that they must stand the test of time.
The brand places great emphasis on details and a creative development process.
Rener is a Danish outerwear brand which is built on an ethical foundation. The seasonal brand places great emphasis on the sustainable way of going to fashion and has therefore developed a collection of 5 pieces of outerwear which in their own way are weather-safe.
Founded in 2009, Minitz has focused on casual wear in South Korea. The Minitz identity reflects the designer's philosophy of smart yet practical clothing in good materials and a relaxed styling. The brand is not bound by trends and works a lot with materials like jersey.
Liselotte Hornstrup is a Danish fashion company whose design DNA is centered on strengthening individuality, and where there is room for free expression. The brand's identity is monochrome and obscure with a lot of raw edges and details. It's an innovative tale of craftsmanship and clothing made to be used for a long time, as a resistance to society's buy-and-throw-away culture.
The first Raincoat was made because the founder fell over his grandfather's old raincoat and decided to make a modern version The updated fisherman raincoat is a classic that can be used for generations. Stutterheim also collaborates with other brands to be able to offer something unique and exciting together with the good old classic.
GUÐRUN & GUÐRUN is a Faroese knitting brand that specializes in hand knitting. The brand was founded in 2002 by two women and the creative process is closely linked to their isolated locality. Their vision is to make a difference. They want to make clothes of a high standard that are also sustainable. It is important for them to reflect love for nature, each other and the natural resources without compromising on style.
Swedish quality and modern design with inspiration from the latest in streetwear and casual fashion.
Svea manages to keep a sharp style, which reflects both good quality and modern classics.
A Dutch brand with a raw attitude and straightforward usability. You will find both modern classics, delicious materials and good quality in their collections.
Dinadi is a social economic knitting company in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here, Nepalese women knit hats, mittens and scarves - all in 100% merino wool. All Dinadi products include the knitter's signature as well as a fine box made from recycled materials.
Marimekko is an iconic Finnish brand that is shelf worldwide for their floral print and color choices. The brand was founded in 1951 by Arme Ratia, Marimekko is one of the world's first lifestyle brands as they blend fashion, accessories and home decoration into their unique universe.

The Swedish designer Nelly Johansson believes that life is about art, which is strongly represented in her collections. Nelly sees fashion as a lifestyle and thinks it's mostly about the people who wear it and that it makes it more fashion right than anything else.

Dr. Martens

The iconic Dr. Martens shoes and boots appeal to people with individual style and an authentic character who stand for something. The simple silhouettes are easy to fit into any wardrobe and can give a raw edge to any look.

A French sock brand named after King Charlemange's mother Berthe. The story goes that she should have had one foot that was bigger than the other and Regis Gautreau found it so glorious that he made a sock mark in her spirit.
The founder of the brand saw a fashion category that had been forgotten and ignored. He saw it as an opportunity to breathe new life into the industry. In 7 years, it has become the world's most exciting accessories and a sign of a personal expression when you go in colorful socks.
A German hat brand that knows how to keep life in headwear. Franz Kopka started the brand in 1953 in Dresden. The brand started with hat molds which were sold on, but it grew bigger and Kopka has now expanded to as many as 3 lines.
The brand Closed is founded by three men who together decided that they could work with nice people. The unique spirit has created their brand and philosophy and is a clear vision that shines through in their collections. Closed is known for their denim which is the foundation of the brand.

Closed X Girbaud

French ingenuity, Italian craftsmanship and quiet tradition provide functionality. This collection is a collaboration with the founder of Closed and the brand today.